Memories of my first 3d printer, Mendel.

Posted by Andy on May 22, 2016 Tags: our stories 3d printer

I wanted and needed a 3d printer.
Searching around the Google and Youtube, there are so many cool things 3d printer can build. I was so eager to have one. So I bought one from online in 2013. The printer called Mendel ( named from great scientist Gregor Mendel, the founder of the modern science of genetics). 

Building the Kit
I didn't buy an assembly one, so I can build it myself to learn this machine. I spent half a day to assemble the Mendel. And I learned many things. Because mechanics is not my profession, I withdraw lots of mechanical knowledge, nuts, bolts, ball bearings, smooth rods, stepper motors, etc. I loved it. This experience is the first journey to the 3d printers' world. I felt lucky I'm in this world. 

And I thought 3d printer is cool, but most of the people didn't know this kind of technology. This technology should change the world someday. I should develop one myself. From that day on, I read all the articles about the 3d printers and 3d printing technologies. I built electronics for the printer and learned mechanics to design my printer. 

Here are some of Mendel's photos. Hope you will enjoy the photos.



Happy extruding! 


Happy printing.


Second printer's parts, it's a rostock mini.