Moving parts are important to accuracy

Posted by Andy on June 01, 2016 Tags: development mechanical

When we started to design Sophia 3d printer, we had at least one goal: accuracy.
As a 3d printer, everyone wanted it to be more accurate. Without precision, printed parts became unusable. So this post, I will talk about the most important thing that is the moving parts in Sophia and the comparison with other solutions.

Our solution: Linear Motion Guides

We are using industrial grade linear motion guides as our moving solution; this solution is great for high accuracy machines. And we are going to choose Hiwin as the supplier because Hiwin is one of the most famous precision moving parts manufacturer.

Advantages and Features of Linear Motion Guides

High positional accuracy
Long life with high motion accuracy
High-speed motion

Compared to other moving solutions

Linear rods

Lots of 3d printers are using linear rods and bearings. This solution is very cheap, so most of the DIY printers are using this. Compared to linear motion guides, linear rods are lower loads, less life, less precise, less rigid. 


Aluminum profiles and roller( v-slot or similar)

This solution is, even more, cheaper than linear rods. The accuracy and longevity are not as good as the linear rods.