Printing and fully assembly DP log 2016-5-28

Posted by Andy on May 28, 2016 Tags: development prototyping

The printer was working. We've printed some models to test the Sophia. We thought it was awesome. And we must get a full assembly machine. So we will move the controller board to the inside of the printer. And we will add the case on Sophia.

First, we moved all the parts to the inside of Sophia. And we fixed the controller board and other parts temporary. As you can see in the picture below, the board was beneath the filament box. In the future, we will move the controller to another place, so if there are problems with the controller, we are easy to access the board.

Then, we added all other parts to the machine. Now, Sophia is a full assembly machine. Looks great, right? In the nex weeks, we will go over all the components to find out whether there are improvements. And planning next version.