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The prototype is printing DP log 2016-5-25

Today is a busy day. All the parts arrived. So we started to assembling all the new parts. Some of the parts had defects, so small modifications were made if necessary.

Lee was doing the mechanical...

The problems of my Mendel printer and most other 3d printers

Mendel is my first printer back to 2013; I love it. But quickly, I found lots of inconveniences when using my printer, and those problems are very common.

As a maker, I like to tear things down and...

Memories of my first 3d printer, Mendel.

I wanted and needed a 3d printer.
Searching around the Google and Youtube, there are so many cool things 3d printer can build. I was so eager to have one. So I bought one from online in 2013. The...