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About Sophia and other things we've built.

Curiosity is the beginning of innovations, the design of our filament holder

We've always been curious about something we don't know. When I noticed some new technology, I want to know how that is doing behind the scene. And curiosity also applies to our product...

The problems of my Mendel printer and most other 3d printers

Mendel is my first printer back to 2013; I love it. But quickly, I found lots of inconveniences when using my printer, and those problems are very common.

As a maker, I like to tear things down and...

Sophia's Door Mechanism and DP 2016-5-21

In the past few days, we're waiting for the parts that can be done quickly. And yes, we already received some parts, and start to assemble.

Because the parts are not finished completely, I will...